Einthusan App For Android & IOS and Its Credibility

Like any other Streaming services, Einthusan has an Android and IOS app available for their users back in 2018. This app was simple and even more realistic than the Web version. At the end of 2018, Einthusan removed their App from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Because of the Copyright Infringement policy, Einthusan was facing some real hits from the movie industry so they decided to shift their customers to Web Version.


Einthusan APP 

As we all know not all movies available on Einthusan are totally licensed. Meaning, they are using most of their movies illegally. So if you develop an Application, you want to build a Goodwill among your customers to grow your Audience. But Einthusan failed to do this and shifted their customer to the web version.


Einthusan App for Android

As I’ve mentioned the App was removed from the Google Play store. There are some other mirror Applications available in Google Play store. We recommend you to not download them because the developers of the website stated that we don’t have an Official Application till now. Beware of such mirror apps because they are usually bugged.


Einthusan App for Smart TV

Most Smart TV runs on a lighter version of the Android Operating System. There’s no official App available for Smart TV users. The only way you can watch movies on Einthusan Samsung Smart TV is to use the default browser and play through Mirror Service.

We have a detailed post on How to watch Einthusan on TV, make sure to check that out.

Einthusan App for Samsung TV

Samsung TV is same as local Smart Tv devices. The main difference is that Samsung Smart TV devices are running on a newer version of Android Software’s. The process of watching the movie on Samsung TV is the same. Open Default browser from your Samsung TV and visit Einthusan Official website.


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