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Einthusan is the leading online video streaming site providing movies, music and video clips for almost every genre available in South Asia. We can also mirror a movie to our TV via an Airplay, Chrome Cast, Console and Smart TV android devices. It’s a website full of entertainments for everyone. With all of these advantages, there are some limitations too.

One of the major problems of Einthusan is the play button Advertisement. This problem usually happens when you click on the play button and then it starts showing on-screen, pop-up or redirects ads. Einthusan is designed to show ads for maximum 30 seconds, but its a problem in some region that the website just started opening unusual tabs full of advertisement.


How to Disable Ads On Einthusan

After premium membership, Advertisement is the only source of earning for the site developers. We suggest you buy the premium membership account for einthusan. Brief detail about the Einthusan premium account is also provided.

If you want to watch the movies as a free user and are tired of these unusual ads then follow these possible solutions


Have Patience And Wait For The Ads To Load

Sometimes users are impatient and just start clicking on the play button multiple times. Einthusan stats that you wait at least 30 seconds after you click the play button once. If something does not happen, then press the play button again.


Refresh The Page

Sometimes the media player on Einthusan website stuck at loading time or during the advertisement. Refresh your browser page and then press the play button.


Install Adblocker

If the above methods don’t work then install third-party Ad-blocker extensions or software. These are really helpful to skip ads on specified websites. To install an adblocker extension on your favorite browser, go to the settings>More tools>Extension>Open web store and type “Adblocker”.

Download the extension with the most reviews and best user experience.


Adware On Your PC

Sometimes there is some adware on your pc that you have to remove manually. Go to your favorite browser> Add-ons>Extensions and remove suspicious entries. If you find a plugin or extension that you’re not aware of then remove and delete it. Now go to your windows control panel> Add or remove programs and remove every unwanted software. Restart your pc and you’re good to go.


How To Avoid Advertisement In Einthusan

As I’ve mentioned, Einthusan is designed for you to see Advertisement. These steps will help you avoid these unwanted ads.

  • Install Ad-block extension
  • Skip ads after 5 seconds
  • Press the play button and open a new tab, now wait 30-40 seconds and then play the movie again
  • Press the play button and immediately go to the full-screen mod
  • Buy premium membership


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