How to Watch Einthusan On TV

There are multiple ways that you can follow to watch your favorite content on a big screen. Einthusan recently supported Mirror and streaming mode for their Premium users. Here we have listed down all the possible way that you can follow to watch Einthusan movies on TV.


Einthusan  HTML5 mode

HTML5 Mode is for online streaming. All the smart tv box nowadays support HTML5 based web browser. So just open the default browser from your Smart TV device and visit Einthusan.


Einthusan AirPlay

AirPlay is the best option to stream your movies if you have an Apple TV. The process is simple. Just join the Same network in both of your devices (Apple TV and iPhone/Ipad), log in with your premium account and AirPlay from your smartphone. For more check, How to AirPlay with Einthusan. (LINK POST HERE)


Einthusan Chrome Cast

Chrome Cast is same as Apple AirPlay streaming feature. Connect the Chrome Cast device via an HDMI cable, and open the Chrome Cast application from your smartphone. Now visit Einthusan and stream your favorite movie on your TV. For more check, How to Play einthusan for Chrome Cast. (LINK POST HERE)


Einthusan PlayStation 4

Play your favorite movie on PlayStation 4 via an External HDD/USB Drive. Download PlayStation 4 Media Player and play the movies on your console.


Note: You need to format your HDD/USB drive using FAT32 and exFAT formats.


Einthusan Xbox One

Xbox One supports Blu-Ray digital movies. So install the Blu-Ray digital App in your Xbox Console and watch the movie.


Einthusan Smart TV

Best way to watch movies on Smart TV is to use the default browser on Smart TV. Smart TV is mostly running on an Android Operating System so visit Einthusan website from the browser and play the movie.


Download The Movie and Play Over HDD/USB Drive

This is the simplest method from the other listed methods. If you’re a registered user then you will not face any problem while downloading a movie from Einthusan.

Just open the movie that you want to watch and click on the Download Icon. This will download the movie in your HDD, then you can simply copy it to your external Device and play it on your TV.

If you’re not a premium user then check: How to Download Movies From Einthusan


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